Black and White

When I saw this bamboo-pattern top in Romford British Heart Foundation shop, I knew it would make a very striking outfit with black trousers. The best part is, it was the right size, so there were no alterations necessary! I picked this up for £3.50. At that price, it would have been rude not to. It’s 100% acrylic and feels very synthetic to the touch.

I paired this with a pair of high-waisted black suit trousers and black flats, plus a new hairstyle that I got from the fabulous Casey’s tutorial . I have to say that even for someone who is not used to creating hairstyles more complex than a pony tail, following the tutorial made this very easy to accomplish. Thanks, Casey! I used a grand total of 12 Kirby grips and approximately 1/2 can of hairspray!

Here’s an action shot of me out to dinner at our favourite French restaurant with my friend H. You may recognise the bag from here… bon weekend!


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