Nights in Grey Satin

This remake started out in life as an enormous grey satin nightie.

It came from Scope in Walthamstow for the princely sum of £5.00 and was a UK size 16. Of course when I saw this in the shop, I thought it would make a great summer dress, using the original neckline, taking the sides in and hem up. On trying it on though, the neckline was extremely unflattering and had tacky gemstones glued on in a way that hasn’t been since since 1992. Initial pinning revealed the whole thing was still going to look too much like a nightie.

Here’s a close-up of the neckline of death. Ugh!

Happily, this month’s issue of Burda had just landed on my doormat so it didn’t take long to identify a suitable pattern for this remake. I chose Burda 04/2011 #114, which is a really simple pattern for a top with a gathered neckline.

I think I learned my lesson not tissue-fitting this one. The top, even without hemming, ends at the narrowest part of my waist, which in my case is several centimetres above my belly button. Let’s just say I am not yet ready to explore the challenging new world of bare midriffs….

….so I left it un-hemmed and paired it with something high-waisted for a night out at the rather swanky bar of Le Meridien on Piccadilly. I can fully recommend their “Cool as a Cucumber” martini :-)



  1. Janet Francis

    I just found your blog via ANDAD- you do great work. I am not much of a sewer but I did remake a 15 year old dress last week once I realized it would go straight to the clearance rack if I gave it away!
    Nice to see that Marisa has followers in the UK ( my original home too) the charity shops are smaller but there are many of them!
    Well done!

    • charityshopchic

      Hi Janet, thanks for stopping by! :-)
      I’m a big Marisa fan, but very jealous she seems to pick up all her pieces for a dollar! Charity shops over here seem much more expensive!

  2. Rosie

    Yes! I really like the way you included the flower pattern in the final top. Hilarious about the diamonte, and midriff length, but I can only say welcome to my life as basically everything fits me like that.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys soon – picnic sometime??


  3. yolandacepeda

    I love what you have done with that fabric! The pattern you used is just perfect! Next time maybe you can do it a bit longer if you think it’s too short! Anyway, I love all your transformations and projects, great idea to recycle clothes like this!!!! I found you via Refasion Co-op too!! I am looking forward seeing other projects!!!

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