Embroidered belt

You may remember this skirt from this project, in which I cut the waistband off and used the black skirt. Well, here’s what happened to the rest of it.

This came from the British Heart Foundation shop in Whitby and cost £3.99.

After unpicking the seam between the waistband and the skirt, I was left with the waistband attached to the facing, which was slightly longer.

I turned it inside out and pinned both pieces together along the original seam line, being careful to leave the end open for turning.

Then sewed it together quickly. Here’s how it looks right side out.

For the end that was left open, I topstitched it shut. This bit is the underlap anyway, so it won’t be seen.

This is how it looks after a quick press.

And here’s how it looks on… I am wearing all black with this to show off the belt, but what other colours should I wear with it?


    • charityshopchic

      Hi Sandy, It’s got a button/buttonhole holding the underlap in and three press studs holding the overlap closed. These are from the original skirt, I have not altered them. It doesn’t sit tight around the waist but rests on the hips.

  1. agy

    I’ve been to Whitby too – it’s a lovely place :-) I’m thinking a tangerine coloured pair of trousers might go with your amazing belt…..

  2. Maman chérie

    Brilliant use of this lovely waistband which was certainly too good to waste. Looks great.

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