Outfit: Red and black

I bought this fabulous retro blouse on a charity shopping trip to Bolton last autumn. Unfortunately the swing tag is missing, but if I remember correctly, it came from the Marie Curie shop as part of a 3-for-£10 offer they were running at the time. The label is marked “DI TARDO – FIRENZE”. It’s marked size 12 but the waist is only just big enough for me. The blouse has a fantastic rather retro shaped peplum which I am keen to copy in a future garment! The sleeves are huge, big and blousy. The buttons are big black plastic and they are that type that look like a monkey’s fist knot.


Speaking of buttons, one or two were hanging off; so there was a little sewing required but not enough to call this a refashion.


The blouse can be worn with all the buttons done up – which looks fierce, but it feels like one is being strangled after a few hours. So I’ve opted to wear this with the first few buttons undone, which gives it a slightly different look. See what you think below.

CNV00007 CNV00008 CNV00009



  1. Caroline Jones

    I’m not in love with the blouse as a garment, but I am totally head-over-heels for the fabric! I love finding things like that in my local charity shops in amongst the rails of threadbare Primark cast-offs.

  2. Joyce

    That first photo of you in the outfit, with your fierce posing and beautiful film grain, it looks like you came straight out of a 90s fashion mag (I mean this as a compliment, of course) !

    • charityshopchic

      Hehe, thanks! I am really trying to make our pictures as good as they can be… better styling and locations, etc. And I’m totally in love with my new (old) film camera. Colours are sometimes a bit wonky but the grainy effect is phenomenal.

      • Trish

        That’s Old Street right? It’s a tenuous statement about the environmental credentials of a planned building! How much CO2 they will not release or something…

        Great top btw! Love how you can wear anything in London, I wore a charity shop find (Singapore airlines uniform – but just the top) to my local (in a small fishing village not unlike Whitby) the other day and got some very funny looks!

        • charityshopchic

          Yep, that’s Old Street…
          Intrigued by your Singapore Airlines charity shop find! You’re right, you can wear anything in London and I love that. I buy some pretty ‘interesting’ things so it’s just as well really ;-)

  3. MJ

    This takes me back to the 80s – my favorite era for clothes. Well, mostly. You have good taste and you can wear anything. You look good in everything. Good for you! Please keep posting refashions AND thrift purchases with refashioning.
    Thank you!

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