Outfit: You. Are. GOLD!

P1130210 P1130211

This beautiful vintage blouse has shiny gold embroidery all over it. The embroidery is in the form of a rope and tassel motif, which makes me think of the theatre, though they could just as easily be curtain tie-backs I suppose. The label says ‘Opera’ so I suppose it could have been worn to the Opera at some point! The gold thread is actually quite glittery, very eye catching. The colour of the fabric is a strong cream, definitely not white. It’s polyester, but quite heavy so it drapes well.

I bought this in the Scope Shop in Lewisham. They were having a sale when I was there, so I got it for half price, £2.25. That’s less than the price of a takeaway coffee, folks. A definite bargain.

It’s UK size 12 and although it’s loose on me, it’s a perfectly acceptable size. The only thing I did to it was to remove the shoulder pads.

P1130212 P1130213

I wore this with… what else, more GOLD. I made a gold pencil skirt out of some synthetic leatherette I bought on Berwick Street on a Spoolette outing a few weeks ago. I only bought half a metre to make my skirt, and thankfully it was just enough. I used my pencil skirt block in its simplest form, with two darts at the front and back and a back slit (no vent). Working with leatherette was a little different, but it was a fun challenge. I sewed the darts and side/back seams with an ordinary number 90 needle. For the hem and waistline, and the back slit, I used superglue to stick the seam allowances down. THAT was a lot of fun. I actually used contact adhesive, spreading it with a matchstick. It stuck nicely and gave me a nice clean finish, especially around the centre back, so there wasn’t any need to topstitch (which would have been really visible).

I had a lovely evening out in this blouse at Coq D’Argent in the city recently.



P1130719 P1130729


Want to see how it would have looked in silver? Oh go on then…..




  1. Maiken

    It looks very elegant, oddly enough. :) One might have thought it would be “too much” but pairing it with more gold actually turns everything into a fabulous outfit! Definitely one to remember and file away – sometimes MORE is more. Well done!

  2. Michele Brunskill

    I always love your refashions, you have so much talent. The gold skirt is gorgeous, I did the same thing with some brown crocodile embossed faux leather and made an amazing pencil skirt, but it is only appropriate for really cold days as it is super warm. I personally love the blouse, and the Spandau Ballet reference.

  3. Amy B.

    Wow! Stunning! I have some medium-stretch faux leather brocade that would look great in this skirt style. May I ask what type of zip you used and what insertion method you would recommend for this material? Cheers!

    • charityshopchic

      Hi Amy, I used an invisible zip for this and inserted it as I normally would, albeit very cautiously. I omitted the strips of interfacing I usually use on the zip/seamlines. HOWEVER, I think you could get a better result doing a metal exposed chunky zip on something like this – provided you could find one that was a good colour. Hope that helps.

  4. Fadanista

    Once again – WOW! I wasn’t sure about the blouse until I saw it on you and teamed with the gold skirt – just stunning. You look so glamorous, and the dessert looks pretty amazing as well.

  5. Claire

    I agree with the poster above, the “blousey” blouse really does go with the fitted skirt! On it’s own it doesn’t look much, albeit well made, but teamed with that beautiful skirt, it’s a knockout! Well done, again! I loved Richard shops, I bought a lovely chiffon scarf there that I still wear, and I remember the advert…..

    • charityshopchic

      Thanks Claire, tight pencil skirt plus loose blouse is a classic combo and one I use often. I just fell in love with this blouse in the shop – so unusual – I had to have it!

    • charityshopchic

      Yeah the collar really marks it out as ‘vintage’, though it’s probably only 90s. My favourite feature is the gold embroidery, it actually sparkles, wish it came out better in the pictures!

  6. Beth Jenkins Sowell

    You know, I would have completely overlooked that blouse. At first glance, I would have immediately thought…OLD WOMAN. But, you’ve surprised me again. I love it. Good job.

  7. Sara

    I am local to you. I even volunteered in this Scope shop for a while. First visit to your blog. Very clever stuff! I buy charity shop clothes but I rarely alter them. I think that might change.

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