Outfit: Betty Draper does Kenya


One of my personal favourite projects from last year was this Betty Draper-inspired dress. You can read the original post here.

This was made from a sheet that I bought for £4.99 in Oxfam, and I’m really glad I bought it. I still have the pillowcases left to make something else for next summer!



The final dress was very like the Betty Draper original, except the skirt wasn’t as full, giving it more of a 60s vibe than 50s.


Of course, I took this to Kenya. I actually wore this without the belt as it was so hot, but the breathable fabric really helped. The colours in particular were perfect for an African evening. I’m still completely in love with this dress and will continue to wear it as often as the weather allows.





  1. Fadanista

    I was so inspired by your original post that I hunted for and found green and white striped sheets in an op shop. Still sitting in my stash – now I’m all re-inspired!!

  2. Rachel Jaques

    It was this dress which brough me to your blog originally, and I still love it. That last photo is terrific – the tree looks like an animal is about to eat your leg – you can see it’s eye just below your knee!

  3. The Renegade Seamstress

    I remember this dress, too. Super cute on you! Did you see that Julia Bobbin is going to have another Mad Men Challenge. I’m in! I’ve got the perfect tablecloth to make one of Joan’s dresses. I better get started.

    • charityshopchic

      Hi Beth, I saw over the weekend that Julia is going to be doing the Mad Men challenge again this year! I’ll have to think about it, it took me ages to come up with the perfect project last time!

  4. jenny_o

    I remember reading about how you drafted the pattern and used a sheet to make that dress, and realizing how skilled you were (and are). I love to see the process you use to create your pieces. It has helped me realize that good sewing doesn’t just happen to some lucky people, it takes patience and thought which means more of us can attain it if we try.

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