Special Announcement: Capital Chic Patterns Winter 2016 Collection

Hello Refashioners! Special announcement for you today – I’m launching a second collection of sewing patterns for my pattern company, Capital Chic Patterns. There are four new patterns in the Winter 2016 collection.

This collection has been a long time, I mean a really long time, in the works. But now launch day is finally here and I’m so excited to show you what I’ve been working on…


First up for Winter 2016 is Cuba Libre – designed to be the ultimate silk shirt pattern. This shirt is really loose fitting, it’s supposed to offset slimmer skirts and trousers. Personally I have been wearing my many versions of this shirt with my Martini View B skirts and I think it’s a perfect match. The shirt has pockets on the front and there is a full collar, collar stand and tower placket at the cuff. All of the details and techniques are fully illustrated in the instructions so not to worry if you haven’t made shirts before. Using silk or silky poly fabrics make this shirt look its best, but I know these fabrics can be hard to handle – I will be posting tips for working with these fabrics up on the Capital Chic Blog in due course, so pop on over and follow my other blog if you haven’t already.


Of course, Cuba Libre also works really well as a shirt dress. View B is a slightly above the knee dress with the same shirt-tail shaped hem.

p1200778 p1200782

For fun, I added a View C, which is a full length maxi. While you could make this up in fancier fabrics for an evening look, I think it lends itself best to beach wear.



Then there’s Grasshopper. This is my take on the optical illusion silhouette that was popular a while back. I think this one looks great with black (or darker colour) side panels and a print or even lace for the front and back panels, but it’s also a flattering and interesting shape made in a single, solid colour.


The idea is to create the illusion of a curvy figure even where that doesn’t quite exist, as in my case.


Grasshopper View A has a kind of cap sleeve – it’s not really a sleeve, more a shoulder portion, but hopefully you understand what I mean.


View B omits the cap sleeve, which leaves a cut away armhole.


I pictured this version more as evening wear, but if you like to wear jackets at work, this could work in the office too.


A personal favourite in this collection is Sangria – this is such a simple dress made of scuba jersey, but with all the fun digital prints you can get on scuba these days, it can still make a real impact.


Sangria is designed to be snug without being too clingy.


There are short sleeves with this dress which are bound at the edge. The sleeves are snug enough to work well under jackets – I have personally road tested this fact many times!


Construction is a lot simpler than the other patterns, so this would be great if you are working with scuba for the first time.

p1200821 p1200834

The neckline is a simple round neck band and there is a long zip at the back to help you get in and out of it.


And finally… Gimlet!

This one is really fun to make. It has inside out darts, that is, the darts are on the outside.

p1200849 p1200851

The idea is that you can use contrasting lining which peeks through for a pop of colour at the front and back necklines. You can use contrasting thread for the darts, too! Gimlet’s front is asymmetrical and it forms quite a pretty round neckline that isn’t too risque.


Here it is with a co-ordinating instead of contrasting lining.


Instead of going for a contrasting colour for the lining, for this sample I’ve used a satin lining which provides a contrasting texture (ie, shiny vs matt). The effect is a bit more subtle but it looks lovely.


Here’s the back – not asymmetrical and the lining peeps out a bit less, but it’s still quite an unusual design, I think.


Please do head over to www.capitalchicpatterns.com for full details of the patterns, sizing, prices, etc.

Thanks for your support everyone – normal refashioning service will be resumed shortly!












  1. Maria

    I love the collection. However, I was wondering if any of the contrasting lining showed on the back of the Gimlet. Thanks.

    • charityshopchic

      Hi Maria, yes the Gimlet lining does show at the back, but the triangles are a lot smaller than on the front, so it’s really just a small spark of colour at the back. Sorry, it’s difficult to photograph! Hope that answers your question.

  2. Deepika

    What a fun collection! I can definitely see myself making Gimlet. I would probably sew the waist darts the traditional way (inside) but the neckline is a stunner. Definitely going on my list. And since I am a shoe lover I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how freaking awesome are those pumps! Love Love Love!

    • charityshopchic

      Hi Deepika! Thanks for the kind words. I think Gimlet would look great on you ;-) Glad you like the shoes too – I think all the ones in these images are from Dune… in case you happen to have an outlet near you…

  3. Lori B.

    Wonderful collection! I have already purchased Gimlet and am looking forward to making it with contrast lining. I love that it is unusual but classic.

  4. jeff lunt

    I dont often buy girls dresses but after seing this I may change!! Fabulous designs and very clever. Well done Sally very impressed. Love Jeff

  5. Lyn Kleven

    You are an amazing talent! I hope you will be discovered by someone in the fashion world and be able to soar beyond imagination. Love your blog ! Best of luck to you but you won’t need it, your skills say it all!
    Warm wishes to you and your family,

  6. Ravi Kumar

    Beautiful pictures of yours are shared.The collection is amazing,you are looking amazing in the pictures nice combination, it gives you a very stylish and cool look. Just amazing and you are looking stunning in this outfit., a perfect outfit for a spring day.

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