Metallica vs Mastodon

This is a really quick t-shirt remake based on a men’s Metallica shirt I found in Scope, Barking.

The print can only be described as….. zombie-mummy-skulls with fangs and straitjackets…. AWESOME. Even more awesome was the price. £1 reduced from £3.50… yeah!

Since this was a men’s t-shirt the fit was terrible, very unflattering. Thankfully  a few quick changes was all it needed to bring it back to wearable (or, as wearable as a zombie-mummy-skulls with fangs t-shirt can ever be). Here’s a close-up of the print, front and back.

First thing to do was trim the neckline and get rid of the sleeves. I stretched out the neckline and armholes and the raw edge curled over a little bit in a pleasing way.

Next thing to do was to tackle the shoulders. The shoulder seams were heavily reinforced, so I cut them off and made new shoulder seams by just overlocking them straight across. Then I added some elastic with a small zig zag stitch. I stretched the elastic as far as it would go while sewing it over the newly overlocked seam. I had to steam the elastic with the iron afterwards to get it to tighten up again.

After trying this on, I also took in each of the sides about 4cm. I think in total this project took about 10 minutes, and 5 of those minutes were spent re-threading the overlocker with black thread.

I wore this last night to a gig. We saw critically-acclaimed heavy metal (prog-metal?) band Mastodon. I have to say they were absolutely incredible. Here are some pictures from the gig.

Here’s a video I found  to give you an idea of what it was like when the balloons came down (skip to about 5 minutes).




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