Carrie Bradshaw Month 2: …and isn’t afraid to ask

Readers, despite my diligent searching over the last 6 months, it turns out it is actually incredibly hard to find a tutu in a charity shop in this country. Who would’ve thought, eh?!

So I had to resort to a vintage shop to find this baby… £14.99 from Rag n’ Bone in Deptford.

I’m sure you all know what I have got in mind for this…

Yes, it’s the tutu from the iconic opening sequence!

Of course, once I saw the label I was even more in love with it.

There wasn’t a massive amount of refashioning required. The only problem was that  the straps were a little long and the whole thing was sitting a bit low.

Here’s how I fixed it.

First I decided how much to shorten the straps by, and sewed it shut in a loop. Then I folded the furthest part back down and sewed it on top of the seam I just made. The photos below might make a little more sense.

It makes a cute little bow!

Anyway, that was really all it needed, because it was already pretty awesome. I paired it with my shiny belt (that makes everything look better) and a gold very loose knitted sweater for my day out in NYC. To prove that I was brave enough to wear my tutu out and about, here are some pictures of me modelling on a Carrie-style stoop.

This was SO much fun to wear… and to twirl! :)

Because we didn’t manage to get a picture of the tutu outfit getting splashed by a bus, you’ll have to make do with my mad photoshop skillz, and a bit of imagination.

Want to see how I would loook on the side of a bus? No? Oh go on then.

Tune in next week for the final part in the Carrie series!



  1. Marie

    Brilliant! I’ve always loved that outfit and you’ve replicated it so well with your own spin. It looks goregous with the loose knit on top too…fabulous stuff! I love your bus photo by the way…had me in stitches!!!

    • charityshopchic

      Thank you Marie :) I am glad you liked this one and that you find my photoshop skillz ‘entertaining’… let’s just say I had a lot of fun making those pics…

  2. Lex

    If you’re after a tutu, a length of elastic and some thrifted tule will do the trick – pinterest search ‘tutu’ and I’m certain you’ll be overwhelmed with tutorials. I love the outfit though – the gold cardi is lovely and I’m a sucker for big wide belts too. Nice job.

    • charityshopchic

      Thanks Stephanie, yes I saw that fantastic tulle skirt over at Atlantic+Pacific earlier this week and it made me wonder why we don’t wear tutus more often :)

  3. hannah

    this is a great blog! am feeling inspired by how creative and inventive you are. lots of fun to look through all your projects! keep it up :)

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