Outfit: Knitted by Nanas


This jumper may be lumpy and synthetic but I blinking love it.

In my mind it’s reminiscent of the checkerboard fabrics from Louis Vuitton’s Spring collection, which have been worn by everyone from Kirsten Dunst to Jessica Alba. I think the acidic-bright colours are just as important as the checks and this jumper ticks both boxes nicely.

I liked this so much I paid £6 for it in the Trinity Hospice Shop in Streatham.


I’m wearing this in the spring sunshine with my white sequin skirt and big heels. What do you think?

P1120266P1120268 P1120276 P1120279 P1120281



  1. Victoria

    You look great as always :) but I do think the sweater is waaay too big for you. Couldn’t you use your trusty sewing machine to take it in a bit, especially where it hangs off your shoulders? I think that would add considerably…

  2. TaraLee

    Those fabulous shoes are the star of this outfit! But the whole ensemble is really pretty for Spring.

  3. Anna Christina

    You really styled the sweater perfectly. I am probably thinking back to my youth in the 80s, but I think it has just a touch of a fun retro look. I wouldn’t change it a bit.

  4. Karen

    No, I do not like this top but if anyone was going to wear it well let it be you. If you like it then that is all that matters. In my opinion it was priced too high and the acrylic yarn is too shiny and flammable looking. My objective opinion is well intentioned and I hope provides you with constructive feedback.

    • charityshopchic

      Yes, it’s acrylic… but the colours are so bright, almost acidic, I love it. I try not to think about the price too much, especially for a clearly handmade garment, and it’s going to a good cause, after all.

      • Karen

        Thank you for your reply. I agree with you that what we purchase at charity shops does go to a very good cause and stops garments like this granny chic piece going to landfill. What I like about what you have undertaken is the garment rescue and resucitation aspect. There is a story from my facebook group Melton Bowerbirds where a man walks into a store with a handmade jumper on and the woman behind the counter says thank you. He asks why she is thanking him and she lets him know that she knitted the jumper and that he acknowledges her effort and skill. Wearing your acidic granny chic top is testimony to someone out there who devoted a lot of time and effort to its construction. And you do a good job of modernising the piece. As for the price of the garment it is only my opinion that it is overpriced because of my context. This piece would cost approximately $4.00 au in my local opportunity shops, probably less.

  5. Dee

    This looks great, and I love the way you styled it! But those shoes… To. Die. For. I would like to see you wear a little more jewelry.
    Looks like it was a beautiful spring day!

    • charityshopchic

      Thanks for the comment, Dee. My personal style is quite clean and simple and doesn’t usually incorporate much jewellery; bracelets occasionally but that’s about it. Each to their own!

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