Refashion Runway: Summer Dress

This is the fourth and final part of the ‘Refashion Runway’ series. You can find pictures from the other competitors, and vote for your favourites, here.

This week’s theme is ‘Summer Dress’. Enter one summer dress that needs a bit of TLC…


This came from the British Heart Foundation shop in Streatham and cost £6.99. The fabric has navy, white and mint green stripes with a shiny pattern in the cross weave. It’s lightweight polyester.



I started by cutting off the sleeves, which was easy. What wasn’t so easy was removing the elasticated waist. I had to be very careful not to damage the fabric. The lining came out along with it.


Here’s how it looks without sleeves and waist. There is a seam at the front waist but the stripes are pretty well matched.


There is no seam in the back!


In order to get rid of the modesty panel, I wanted to cross the front lapels over a bit more to make the opening not so deep. This meant cutting up the centre front of the whole thing… deep breath time…


There were a few raw edges to take care of but overall I think it was a good move.


I cut out the offending panel and removed all the press studs and buttons holding the front together.



Down what will be the front, I ironed on a small strip of interfacing, and topstitched the front skirt back together.


For the front bodice, I pinned it together and sewed the two sides together underneath the lapel to hold it shut (roughly along where the pins are below).


The final step was to try it on and check the length. I ended up removing about 30cm.

I was going for ‘garden party chic’ with this one so I’m modelling it with my new sun hat. I think the dress has retained its hint of nautical and I love that about it. I think new shoes may be in order though!

P1120597 P1120604P1120609-001

Don’t forget to head over to Refashion Runway and vote for your favourite – it’s the final this week, so every vote counts! Thanks in advance!



  1. Clare Szabo

    Another stunner Sally! I love the first pic, that dress was HUGE. I love what you’ve done with it, looks so cute like that and the style and length works perfectly with the colours. Perhaps a drink or two down by the Cutty Sark dahling? :) Super job xxx

  2. TaraLee

    This is a lovely refashion! I Love the colors and pattern on the material. You’ve got my vote!

  3. Marie

    Eeep, this is gorgeous Sally…a summer staple no doubt…if summer decides to make an appearance this year! Off to vote now…

  4. jendelachonie

    I voted for you (also on ‘denim week’). I hope you are the winner. I think you deserve it, your refashions are amazing, they have some professional touches. Practice makes better, and your refashions tells that you are not a beginner.

  5. jenny_o

    This is a beautifully fresh looking dress – and it’s so nice on you. I actually thought the shoes were a perfect counterpoint :)

  6. Veronique


    I’ve been following the refashion challenge weekly and I’ve been constantly amazed at what you achieve. I’ve voted for you most weeks just because I can’t help it. Your refashions are always professional and inspiring and bang on fashion. I go to the charity shop with new eyes now. Thank you.

  7. Jo

    Really well done. I wish I could find a bargain like this in the charity shops but it seems to be all stretched t-shirts whenever I go. :-)

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