Outfit: Embellishment

Hi folks, today I want to show off this coral/peach coloured beaded cardigan I bought recently in the British Heart Foundation shop in Middlesbrough. I paid £4.99.

This cardigan, though it’s synthetic, is heavily embellished with beading. Heavy being the operative word – it is pleasingly weighty to wear!

P1120537 P1120538

I think someone has added a lining at some point as this has clearly been hand-sewn.


The beading is so great. There are intricate patterns and the edges have chains of beads dangling freely. It’s brilliant!

P1120542 P1120543

Although it is a little big, I chose not to alter this at all; working with anything beaded can be difficult. Instead I’m going for a loose-fitting 1920s vibe.

I’m modelling this at the Rioja festival on the South Bank. The pictures were taken a few weeks ago (before it got REALLY hot here in London) and it was perfect cardigan weather.

My 1920s vibe includes summer trousers and my loose fitting cardigan, plus light grey brogues and retro sunglasses. I’m also rocking my silk Sorbetto top, which longtime readers will know was cut from a silk jumpsuit bought in San Diego. The silk has coral and off-white flecks in it, so pulls the outfit together nicely. Here are some photos from the day.

CNV00002 CNV00004 CNV00006 CNV00009 CNV00010 CNV00011 CNV00014 CNV00015 CNV00016



    • charityshopchic

      Thank you! The beads are actually a mixture of white, see-through and pearly. I love summer trousers – trousers have been ideal for summers in this country for the last few years.

  1. angelfairydust

    Wow Sally! You look great in what my mum always calls a ‘granny cardi!’ Personally I love these cardigans and wear them often but I never look as stylish as you!

    I am having a competition on my page So check it out and spread the word! I need a new logo and I’m hoping some people will compete to design one for me with a chance to win a once in a lifetime unique prize!!


    Or click my name for my facebook page!

    Take care Sally, you look great!

  2. ooobop!

    So incredibly stylish. Can you imagine if you cut into that?! Would be like one of those slow motion bits in a film where the necklace breaks and there is a sea of beads. Love those shoes btw too! :-)

    • charityshopchic

      Thank you so much Janene! You’re right, the beads would spray everywhere and then I’d be stepping on them and skidding all over the place in true slapstick style…

  3. sewamysew

    I am so freakin’ in love with this outfit!! What a total find!!! White pants and white broags- yes, yes and yes. You look totally Gatesby Cool.

  4. Helena A.

    Hi Sally! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have voted on you on tree of the outfits!!! So I am thrilled to know, that you were the winner of the contest!!! Best wishes!
    Kisses from Portugal

  5. Brenda Schulteis

    Hi there, and greetings from Fresno, California. I know what you mean about scattered beads! In answer to that quandry, I cut out large floral motifs from a beaded dress (adding a bit of room all around~ maybe 1/3 in.), turned the edges under and appliqued them on each end of a scarf. The same technique can be used to dress up a felt, winter hat!

  6. Clare Szabo

    Another hit outfit Sally! What a great find, love the beading and the colour. Your shoes are really great too! You look super fab and stylish. xx

    • charityshopchic

      Thank you lovely, I put a lot of thought into this one! I’m sure the cardigan will come out a bit more once the weather gets cooler so you may well see it again!

  7. Tara L

    I *love* this outfit, grey and pink together are my favorite combo. I think I personally would’ve done this outfit with a pair of dark skinny jeans, but love the trousers on you:)

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