Outfit: Yellow polka dots

What can you get for £2.75 these days? How about a vintage silk top? This beauty is 100% silk and came from the Cancer Research shop in Streatham.

The name ‘Susan Wolff’ dates this from the early 1990s (the brand is now defunct), and clothing from the early 90s is now classed as ‘vintage’.

P1110861 P1110863

Truthfully, this top is a bit too big, but I’m quite happy to wear it like that as it’s so hot here at the moment. It has a lovely, flowing drape and feels beautiful to wear.

I’ve previously found this colour yellow rather difficult to wear, but I’m giving it a good go, pairing it with a black skirt and gold, black and grey accessories.










  1. Jess

    Love your whole outfit!!! But the skirt is just stunning, would you mind doing a tutorial on how to do a skirt like that?? Thanks sooooo much …

    • charityshopchic

      Hi Jess, thanks for the comment! You could easily make a skirt like this using a basic pencil skirt pattern and some high quality lace fabric. Cut the lining a few inches shorter than the lace for best effect.

  2. nicola lynde

    Silk shirts are such a find! I can almost never pass one up when they are the right price and in good condition! These one is super fun, love the colour.

  3. Helena A.

    Hi! I love this outfit! And I’m with Jess and Cristal: I would like a tutorial of this skirt!!!! It’s beautiful!!! Kisses from Portugal!

  4. Marie

    Lovely outfit! The top looks great tucked in as you really can’t tell that it’s too big that way. Loving the gorgeous hair do too!

    • charityshopchic

      Thanks Marie, the armholes are a little big but that seems to be the fashion these days for vest tops! I was experimenting a bit with the hair, it took ages but I will definitely do this again soon as I loved the result.

  5. Carissa

    Early 90s is “vintage”? Sigh, I feel old. But you look fabulous! I especially love the blouse/clutch combo. The black-on-gold and gold-on-black complement each other perfectly!

  6. Judy Dyer

    Girl, you have so much “style”, you could look classy in a flour sack .
    Silk! or cotton, or linen….the only place to find those fabrics
    at affordable prices is in thrift shops.

  7. Cheryl

    You are so cute and have mad sewing skills!!! I love looking at what you refashion. Your vision of what can be is awesome. This looks great all glammed up, but the Egypt dress…seriously amazing.

  8. Elise

    Love. And the hair! I’m gushing! You look amazing and chic, as always.

    What is your day job, that you get to wear such fab things to work? I’m a nurse and I wear scrubs to work, so I’m totally jealous :)

  9. sewamysew

    I just made up a mint green silk polka dot singlet top from a kwik sew pattern the other day. It is spookily similar!!!

    You and this colour should definitely be friends from now on, styled beautifully as well ;)

  10. jenny_o

    This is so lovely and feminine – and a great combination of colours. Very fresh and unique.

  11. Mary Amateur

    You should narrow a little bit the blouse under the armpits.Nevertheless You are amazingly talented!

  12. John


    Excellent blog. Please check out curbfind.com and Facebook.com/curbfind – I am interested to talk to you about your blog and how we can potentially work together


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