Outfit: Red lace in casual mode

Hello again Refashioners!

I am sure you remember this red skirt from a few weeks ago. This started out as a plain Country Casuals red straight skirt in 100% wool.


I took it in at the back and added lace trim in a similar colour to jazz it up a bit as part of the lace trend that’s everywhere this season.


I wanted to report back that I have been wearing this skirt a lot since it debuted here a few weeks back. Today I want to share a more casual look with you.

I’m in my winter uniform of thick oversized jumper, tight pencil skirt and tights to block out the cold.

This grey jumper is a man’s small, purchased at the Hospices of Hope Charity Shop in Orpington for £2.95. Bargain! It is 100% lambswool. I think the original wearer had washed the jumper on too hot a setting as it’s fairly matted, then on finding the sweater had shrunk significantly, sent it to the charity shop. The neck is really small – fine on me but might not be for a bigger person. The matted wool is really, really warm. I love it – it’s a favourite piece already and will be getting a lot of wear this autumn.

P1130191 P1130193

Under my sweater I’ve picked out a navy and white T-shirt. I identified this one as being a dead ringer for the now-famous Burberry heart print shirt that is getting a lot of attention. This was £3.50 from the Save the Children shop in Orpington (bought on the same trip as the grey sweater!). The only adjustment I made was to cut out the label as that was really scratchy on my neck.

P1130219 P1130220

These pieces were combined with dove grey brogues (seen here also) for a daytime look that suits our rather unpredictable autumn weather here in the UK.

The photographs were taken at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. This castle doubles as Hogwarts in the first Harry Potter movie, during the broomstick lesson. In the grounds they had broomstick lessons for children going on and you could borrow a broomstick to play with – many were jumping in the air and having their parents press the camera button at exactly the right moment so it looked like they were flying. Sadly this pencil skirt did not prove to be broomstick-compatible!

P1130268 P1130272 P1130273 P1130275

Enjoying a half of Holy Island Ale at the Ship Inn on Lindisfarne. Cheers!




    • charityshopchic

      Thank you Agy! They are from Tophshop but they are a few years old (aka ‘Wardrobe Staple’). I bought a similar patent black pair in Clarks recently and they are fantastic. Hope that helps!

  1. helen

    The skirt is great, I loved the lace application.
    I was admiring your shoes as well, I recently got a patent pair in clarks but in the oxblood colour.

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