Black and Blue


This beach cover-up was £4.99 from the British Heart Foundation shop in Scarborough. It’s made out of that really thin, gauzy material that’s perfect for hot weather.

Unfortunately for me, it was just too short to be a maxi. Something had to be done…


This was really, really easy to fix. All I did was to separate the shirred section from the skirt, then fold the top of the skirt down once and thread some elastic through the waist.


Such a simple and quick change but it made a huge difference. This one item (well, two items) probably took the prize for the most worn on my trip to Kenya.

I packed both items and wore them separately and together… with white and with black…




…but probably my favourite combination was with light blue…

P1130861 P1130864

…and my new sandals of course. Everything looks better with new shoes ;-)

P1130866 P1130870



  1. Kasia

    Now this is what you can call “value for money”: one dress transformed into three pieces :) (Yes, I count the skirt and the dress-from-skirt as two).
    Personally, I hate working with shirrings, whenever there is one I either decide not to buy the piece of clothing or cut it off when working on a piece. Seeing your lovely top makes me think that it’s a terrible waste of a perfectly wearable garment.

  2. Claire

    OMG you have been busy, loads of transformations to catch up on! Love this though, and I love it as the skirt with the pale blue top. Cutting the top bit off seems to have made the print more palatable somehow, I would have passed the original item by, but it looks super as a skirt now! Too darn right, everything looks better with new shoes!

  3. Deb

    I love the way that you look at something less than pretty, and go on to transform it into something beautiful.

  4. Mary Amateur

    From one to four combinatons!!!!No 3 is swaying and in No4 You look like a mermaid!(in new sandals of course)

  5. Jen

    This is great! My favourite combination has to be the long skirt with matching shirred top. That’s really cute, will come in handy for the summer :)

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