Ace of Lace

I’m really into lace at the moment. I just love it – and I’m really happy that it’s now possible to wear lace without looking like a 90s throwback thanks to designers like Erdem. Here are a couple of my favourite lace looks from Erdem Spring 2011 RTW.

(Photos from

For my own version of this look, I grabbed this black and gold lace dress from the Cancer Research shop in Ealing Broadway. This actually cost £6.95 which I think will make it my most expensive remake to date.

The lace is black with gold details and is beautiful.

There isn’t a before shot of me wearing this because… ahem… it was way too small. It’s size 8 which I would usually squeeze into somehow, but I couldn’t get my arms down the sleeves initially. When I did manage, it was clearly too small, and the hemline was, shall we say, ‘cheeky’. So definitely some work required! Since my bottom half is smaller than my top half, I decided to get rid of the top of the dress and make it into a skirt.

Making the cut:

The lining was a stretchy black polyester. Since the whole thing was fairly stretchy, all that was required was to turn over a ‘hem’ at the waistline and sewed with a zigzag stitch to maintain elasticity. I could have added some elastic in the waistband but the whole thing was so tight fitting I didn’t need it. After trying on, the lace (which was less stretchy) kept riding up leaving the lining visible, so I quickly zig zagged down the left and right sides (where there was already a seam). Luckily the pattern on the lace is such that the stitching was not really visible.

The finished article:

I wore this out the same evening to meet some good friends in the Duke of Cambridge pub in Islington, which had a lovely atmosphere and organic drinks! Unfortunately there isn’t an action shot of me in the pub (I was too busy talking) so we’ll have to make do with this image, taken after I got home. Happy weekend (and payday) everyone!



  1. Kim Turner

    What a wonderful piece of fabric. It looks brilliant on you. Congratulations on your find.

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