Designs on Denim: Part 3

The third piece in this denim series is also from my massive Thrift Town haul – this time it’s a denim dress. I paid $7.99.

This dress is made of lightweight denim and has a polo-shirt style collar and cuffs. There’s a button missing too!

First thing to do was obviously to hack a large amount off the length – just above the missing button.

Next I had to take the sides in (a lot) – see red chalk marks below.

Here’s how it looks with the collar unpicked and the cuffs cut off. My original idea was to keep the sleeves as in the below pictures…

But after trying it on, I changed my mind, and cut them off. The shoulder was about an inch longer than it should be and it was not looking good. So off they came!

You can see that to change this from sleeved to sleeveless I altered the side seam at the underarm (click below to enlarge)

After hemming the neckline, armholes and hem quickly, I had a sundress perfect for a day at the park. Nothing goes better with denim than tan leather.

The buttons are metal and kind of jingle a little when I walk. I love it.



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