Designs on Denim: Part 4

Here’s Project #4 in my denim series. It’s a pair of jeans; possibly the most unflattering jeans in the world.

I paid £4.50 in the Mind shop in Whitby for these babies.

The cut is so wrong for me. They are about lower calf length and flared at the bottom – no idea what body shape actually makes these look good. They are rather high waisted though – which I like – and I also love the colour. Turquoise is a great colour for this time of year and my wardrobe is slowly gaining turquoise pieces.

To tackle the cut…. I cut them off into shorts. About 3″ from the crotch for a pair of relatively long short-shorts. Unfortunately though they needed a little extra something.

I opted to bleach the bottom half! This is best done in a bucket with the shorts hanging from a hanger attached to the side of the bucket. If the shorts fell in, the project would be ruined. Also, the bleach soaks up the fabric, so you only need about half the depth you think you do. I found this out the hard way; these shorts are more white than blue now. I still love ’em though!

I wore these on a day out in Henley on Thames with a vintage silk blouse, plus sequins, naturally…



  1. Brenda Melahn

    Love the result — the bleaching definitely was the finishing touch. This outfit will look good in spring too!!

  2. Meg

    Whoa. Those turned out beautifully!! I love your altered version so very much – they work perfectly with your pink sparkles :)

    • charityshopchic

      Thanks so much, Meg! Glad you agree about the sequins. I met some friends later in the day for a hike, and I think they were slightly bemused that anyone would wear sequins for outdoor activities/sports. However I continue to live by my fashion motto, ‘what would Carrie Bradshaw wear?’ ;-)

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