Dip dye

Happy New Year, readers!

To help fight those winter blues, I’m going to show you a few projects that I did for my summer holiday wardrobe back in September, starting with a rather nice blouse.

This 100% cotton blouse is so thin it’s pretty much cheesecloth. I bought this in the St Francis Hospice Shop in Romford for a very reasonable £3.00.

P1100188  P1100232

It’s size 14 but I’m going for a loose fitting look so I left the size as-is.


Dip dyed garments were very popular with DIY bloggers over the summer as the ‘ombre’ look was so popular, so there are a million tutorials out there about this; here’s my take on it anyway.

You need some dye, some water and some salt plus a bucket and some old rubber gloves. Definitely, definitely wear the gloves.

Here’s what I did. I filled the bucket to about a third full with water and dipped the shirt in completely so it was all wet. Having the shirt wet before you start helps the dye take evenly. I rung it out so that it wasn’t dripping and hung it on the hanger. I wrapped the sleeves around the top of the hanger, since I didn’t want to dye them, but that’s up to you.


I stirred in a third of a packet of Dylon Flamingo Pink dye (I’m using the kind for handwashing), plus two tablespoons of salt.

For the first dip, I quickly dipped the shirt in up to almost the armpits and took it out again immediately.

For the second dip, I dipped it in not quite as far, left it for 10 or 20 seconds and pulled it out.

For the third dip, I added a bit more dye from the packet before dipping only the bottom bit of the shirt in for about a minute.


I let this air-dry hanging up. Don’t lie it flat and don’t forget to put something below it to catch any drips.


Here’s how it turned out; I’m really pleased with it and wore it a lot on holiday. The pictures on the beach were taken at Le Treport, France. The beach is pebbles but there is a really cute lighthouse! Enjoy!


P1100281 P1100342 P1100348 P1100353 P1100355



  1. craftywubo

    really beautiful and so wearable. In winter you could put it over a turtleneck and wear with leggings. Just curious, though. Did it wash ok without spreading into the white? Love your blog. (Portland, Oregon, USA)

    • charityshopchic

      Thank you so much for commenting, I am so glad you like this piece. I am indeed using it for layering now that we’re deep in the throes of winter. And yes, I washed it on the handwash setting on my machine and the colour is fine.

  2. Helle Zetterberg

    Nice to have you back again! I always look forward to the next update, but as you put in a lot of work before each “blog subject” I totally understand why you can’t blog every day or week. Anyway, really enjoyable:-)

    • charityshopchic

      Thank you Helle — yes it does take a while to make all these projects, and writing about them takes a while too, so I’m never going to be the kind of blogger that posts every day…

  3. mcwynar

    You are my new favorite blog! I have spent hours, checking out your past blog posts and i am utterly impressed! Such great talent and look forward to future posts!

  4. Eszter @ Creatű

    I would really like to try the dip dye, but I only came across dyes that need hot water and boiling for some time. Is this a special one for cold water or did you keep the water warm?

  5. Amy

    Love the dip-dye look, very cool! I’ve been wanting to try this in navy for ages – will be checking back to this post for tips!

  6. Lauren

    Thank you so much for posting to Refashion Co-Op’s Refashion First Friday! I love what you did with the blouse! Always love a great dye job! :)

  7. Erinn Jackson- Sticky Genius

    I love how this came out! I’m about to refashion some white t shirts into a dress and I wanted to try this effect on the hem. My worry is how well it will launder. Did the shirt turn completely pink after wash? Does hand washing keep the dye from migrating? In my experience with dying, after I wash the color tends to spread to the white areas making them a light tink of whatever color I used to dye with. Just curious if you have any advice before I dive in.

    • charityshopchic

      Hi Erinn, I can report that this shirt laundered well. I put it in the machine on its own on the handwash setting, with a Colour Catcher sheet which catches loose dye. When the cycle was finished, the colour catcher was bright pink, but the top half of the shirt was still perfectly white. I will continue to wash this on its own, I think. Hope this helps.

  8. Jung Kwan, KIM

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    I hope to hear a good news from you soon.

    Kind Regards,
    Jung Kwan, KIM

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