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Outfit: Dip Dye

One thing to remember about summer pieces is that they can be layered up in winter, adding to their versatility.

Remember this shirt? It’s from the not too distant past.  I started with a white shirt and dip-dyed it in flamingo pink. Here’s a quick before and after to refresh your memory.


I thought it would be timely to feature this shirt again since Cloth magazine has a feature on an identical shirt in this month’s issue. I am not terribly keen on their styling, though.


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Dip dye

Happy New Year, readers!

To help fight those winter blues, I’m going to show you a few projects that I did for my summer holiday wardrobe back in September, starting with a rather nice blouse.

This 100% cotton blouse is so thin it’s pretty much cheesecloth. I bought this in the St Francis Hospice Shop in Romford for a very reasonable £3.00.

P1100188  P1100232

It’s size 14 but I’m going for a loose fitting look so I left the size as-is.


Dip dyed garments were very popular with DIY bloggers over the summer as the ‘ombre’ look was so popular, so there are a million tutorials out there about this; here’s my take on it anyway. Continue reading