Blue silk

I picked up this lovely blue silk dress in the Cancer Research shop in Whitby for £6.00. It’s really beautiful silk and it has some small beads embroidered on the skirt too. Unfortunately, it’d been well worn and the underarms were pretty grubby. Plus as you can see it didn’t fit at all.

P1100160 I decided to do away with the top half all together and cut the top off about a couple of inches above the waist seam.


I had to cut through the zip! To finish it off I had to unpick a bit of the seam and push the zip ends to the inside.


Then I ironed a strip of interfacing to the new ‘waistband’ and folded it under twice.


I sewed it down over the old waist seam, stitching ‘in the ditch’ so it doesn’t show. I added a hook and eye at the top to keep it closed.


Of course I paired this with… sequins! It looks good belted and not belted. Because the waist is still a little big for me I prefer to wear it belted, otherwise it sits fairly low on the hips, but not a big deal.

P1100324 P1100331 P1100333 P1100336



  1. Jenni

    lovely re-purpose of a pretty piece of silk, hopefully we’ll have a lovely spring and summer so it sees alot of wear :o)

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