Mellow Yellow

Another set of summery holiday pictures, I’m afraid!

This pale yellow men’s shirt is from the British Heart Foundation shop in Whitby and cost £3.30. It’s a rather large size 17.5. The reason for choosing a shirt so large is that the collar was a massive 17.5 inches, making this year’s trend for wearing button up shirts with the top button done up a lot more comfortable.



To get the sleeveless look, I… cut off the sleeves.


I tried the shirt on and pinned it as small as I wanted around the midsection, as well as the shoulder position and a rough position for the underarm. You can see in the picture that I quickly cut the new shape on one side then folded it in half vertically to use one side as a guide for cutting the other, so I can be sure both sides are the same.

I tried it on again and decided the top needed to be a little more fitted so I added a pair of bust darts starting at the armscye. It helped a lot.


I cut some quick pockets from the old sleeves and topstitched around the pocket flaps.


Here they are added to the shirt. Of course, I also finished the armholes by turning the ends in twice and stitching.


Here’s how it looks on. I’m rather pleased with it. (More on the shorts, er, shortly!)

P1100285 P1100288 P1100289 P1100303 P1100310



  1. Debbie

    How cool is this? This style of shirt is my favorite in the summer here in Florida. Now I know what I’m going to look for next time I go thrifting…(O:

    Awesome tutorial.



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