Turqoise obsession

Here’s a quick and easy make that is perfect if you’re off on holiday and need some co-ordinating items for your holiday capsule wardrobe.

Personally I was looking for something turquoise as I had planned on packing several items that had turquoise as a base colour or a detail colour. Turquoise dominated my summer wardrobe last year; I guess you could say it became something of an obsession!

I bought this T-shirt in the perfect colour – £2.99 from the PDSA shop in Whitby.



To make a skirt out of this, I used a stretchy jersey skirt that I already have as a template. I cut around the skirt leaving about 1.5 cm seam allowance all the way around. I actually made mine a little longer than the original; several centimetres longer in fact. I want to keep the original hem of the T-shirt as a hem for the skirt. I also cut two rectangles for a waistband that will contain elastic.


The first step was so quick I don’t even have a photo of it. I sewed up the side seams using the overlocker.

After some deliberation, I decided to jazz things up a bit by adding a piece of co-ordinating silk to the front waistband (actually an offcut from this project), so my waistband pieces looked like this:


All I did was measure a piece of elastic around my waist to get the right size, and sewed it into a loop….


…inserted it into my waistband, which is the two pieces joined together at the side seams and folded in half lengthways…


…and sewed it onto my skirt.


Here’s how it looks as part of my holiday wardrobe. You may recognise the blouse from posts such as this one.






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