Outfit: Dip Dye

One thing to remember about summer pieces is that they can be layered up in winter, adding to their versatility.

Remember this shirt? It’s from the not too distant past.  I started with a white shirt and dip-dyed it in flamingo pink. Here’s a quick before and after to refresh your memory.


I thought it would be timely to feature this shirt again since Cloth magazine has a feature on an identical shirt in this month’s issue. I am not terribly keen on their styling, though.


I added a big granny-knit jumper to this which has hints of pink in the knit. It co-ordinates perfectly and makes for a cheerful, colourful spring outfit, even though it’s still pretty chilly around these parts.

Here are a rather gratuitous amount of pictures — continuing the seaside theme from the original set of photos for this shirt.

We decided to try a few shots with the film camera – I have a Canon Av-1 film camera which I would say is about 30 years old (it came from a charity shop!) – and though we are still learning how to use it, it’s great to get some different and slightly less predictable results than using the normal Lumix-G2 digital SLR. I think these are possibly a little over exposed, it was a really bright day, but I love the graininess. See what you think below.

CNV00009-001 CNV00010-001





  1. Heather R.

    I concur, about the styling- how on earth did they manage to make such a colorful item look so…dull? You did a lovely job on the shirt, and like the previous commenter, have to wonder whether they “lifted” a certain idea from your site….it wouldn’t be the first time that such a thing happened!

    -Heather, The Real Leopardstripes

    • charityshopchic

      Yes – mixing casual items with sequins can be great but this just doesn’t work for me… there were a few dip-dye tutorials around the web last autumn so I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. If the idea had been lifted I am sure they would have at least changed the colour… right?!

  2. Sarah

    Your right about the styling- I’ve noticed that before with cloth, it’s a shame really as it’s a lovely magazine. Your styling is much better and I love your jumper too :)

  3. Carlee

    Very cute! I agree about the styling in the magazine, not that great. It’s nice to see some pictures of the coast. It was one of the few things we wanted to see when we lived in England that we didn’t have the chance to see.

    • charityshopchic

      Thanks for the comment Carlee, you definitely missed out if you didn’t get to see the English seaside! It’s beautiful! (at least, when the weather’s good it is)

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