Outfit: Nautical Yellow

Today’s restyled refashion is the pale yellow men’s shirt I altered a while back. I took it in (a lot), cut off the sleeves, inserted bust darts and added patch pockets with pocket flaps.

Here’s a little refresher for you:

P1090892 P1100285

This has been such a useful piece in my wardrobe! Like the dip dye shirt, it’s great for layering. In fact, I’d say it’s better than the dip dye one because it can be dressed up or down. Today’s outfit pairs it with my new nautical themed top. It’s intended to be a dress I think, but I haven’t worn it that way yet.

54610006 54610007 P1120205 P1120207 P1120208



  1. juli

    Lovely styling! It’s a great outfit, but of course my eye instantly hawked to the bracelets. So cute! Where did they come from? It looks like they were made of slippery yarn?

    • charityshopchic

      Darlink! Muah, muah… I’d like to thank…
      Oh hang on, I think the Liebster is for blogs of 200 followers or less, so sadly I don’t think I’m eligible…

  2. Maiken

    I have been going over every post of your blog for several days now. :) It has been a very interesting reading material and I have gotten plenty of inspiration as to how to repurpose some of the not so successful purchases.

    I do have a question, though… I like to refashion charity shops’ clothes as well and do it quite frequently, however, the one criterion I follow when buying future “victims” is that they have to be of good quality fabrics – I like to make “forever” clothes for myself. I see you use a lot of polyester, so do you have any criteria when selecting your refashioning garments? Also, do you have any formal training in sewing? Your pattern-making skills are remarkable!

    Thank you for a very nice and informative blog and I will definitely be reading the new posts from now on.

    • charityshopchic

      Hello Maiken and thanks for the comment. My only criterion for selecting fabrics in a charity shop is ‘do I like it?’. I use both natural and synthetic fabrics – synthetics may not be everyone’s first choice but it’s cheap and for most cases, good enough. Most synthetics are robust and launder well. I admire your restraint in making only ‘forever’ clothes – personally my wardrobe turnover is pretty high. I have no formal training in sewing or pattern making.

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