Embellishment: Embroidery


This is the second in a mini-series about embellishment.

I picked up this top in Lewisham Scope (£3.50). It’s a very light poly satin, almost poly chiffon. It has an interesting neck band, which is sewn on doubled over but with the two edges off-grain, but it’s the print I wanted to investigate. It’s different shades of purple in a cross hatched, almost painted, pattern. I wanted to explore an embroidery that would complement the print and this being straight lines, it seemed like an easy place to start.


I picked out some colours matching the colours in the design, and thought a bit about placement, eventually deciding on the shoulder above the small pocket.


Then I just started sewing. I was doing this in front of the TV so I just had some fun with it, adding layers of different threads in vertical stitches, according to the print.


I went over the pocket a little bit (through both layers) because I liked the way it looked.


I finished it off with some horizontal stitches in the same colours.


It’s really hard to photograph, which I guess means I got the colour match spot on.


I’ve worn it several times recently, but here it is on a night out at Sticks ‘n’ Sushi at Canary Wharf.


This place is highly recommended. We had one of the the sticks and sushi selections which was beautifully presented and very tasty.


I can also recommend the Nippon ’75 cocktail, which I think is supposed to be a Japanese twist on the French ’75, substituting the Japanese spirit Shiso Shochu for the gin. It comes with a large shiso leaf as a garnish.


In case you’re wondering, this is how you drink it.


This top has been great on date nights around the capital and I typically wear it with a pink toned necklace.


Kanpai! (Cheers!)




  1. vintage51

    Reblogged this on vintagethrifter51.com and commented:
    I absolutely love the colours of this top. The details of the embroidery stitches just finish it off perfectly. Lovely refashion. The sushi looks pretty amazing, I am drooling right now. Cheers, Michele

  2. Fadanista

    Such a great idea! I am becoming quite enamoured with the whole idea of embellishing and this is such a simple, but effective, treatment. Another winner Sally!

  3. Dolores

    Hello! I m reading your blog from Argentina (so pls excuse me if I make some gramatical mistakes) and I just had to say it: you work is wonderful, so creative and meaningful! You truly inspired me to start refashioning clothes again. Looking forward for your new posts!

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