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Embellishment: Embroidery on Embroidery

I’m sure you remember this viscose embroidered blouse from last year:


In case you don’t: the back of the blouse became a transparent panel with an illusion neckline for my “Elvis” wedding dress which you can read about here.


Just to recap, the blouse was originally £4.50 from the Mind shop in Whitby.


I still had the front and sleeves left in stash. The front had a lovely tonal embroidery on it which was too good to throw away!


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Embellishment: Embroidery


This is the second in a mini-series about embellishment.

I picked up this top in Lewisham Scope (£3.50). It’s a very light poly satin, almost poly chiffon. It has an interesting neck band, which is sewn on doubled over but with the two edges off-grain, but it’s the print I wanted to investigate. It’s different shades of purple in a cross hatched, almost painted, pattern. I wanted to explore an embroidery that would complement the print and this being straight lines, it seemed like an easy place to start.


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Embellishment: Crochet Trim


Greetings, Refashioners! Long time no see. I have a few posts to share that I’m finally getting around to, starting with several on the theme of embellishment. This one is from earlier this year.

I was heading out on a holiday-season holiday to a hot place, but digging out my summer wardrobe in winter felt a bit strange. To spruce it up a bit, I wanted to add an off-the-shoulder top of the type that was really fashionable this summer. You know the ones. They were everywhere! This is a very straightforward idea that I’ve been thinking about for a while. If you’ve got an old summer shirt in your wardrobe that could do with a bit of TLC, this could be just the ticket.

I started with an old shirt belonging to Mr CSC (with his permission, of course!).


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