Designs on Denim: Part 5

It’s time for part 5 of the series! Yes, it’s another pair of jeans. These also came from the Mind shop in Whitby, but these were only £4.25.

The fit is a lot better than last week’s pair, but still, they were pretty boring and needed a bit of something special.

Out came the scissors…

…oh it’s another pair of short shorts!

I have to say that these are MUCH shorter than last week’s pair, and therefore entirely different :-)

To make them look a little ‘distressed’ I cut a few holes in one side like so:

When these are washed in the washing machine, the edges will fray in a pleasing way.

I have seen a lot of denim short shorts with fabric added on one side, for interest. The beauty of it is that you can add any kind of fabric you like. I fished out some hand crocheted doilies in a natural off-white colour from my stash.

I bought these in the Cancer Research shop in Whitby about a year ago and they have been in the stash waiting for summery projects ever since! I paid £1 each which now I’m thinking is a little much as on closer inspection, some were tea-stained.

All you have to do is cut out a piece of fabric the same size as your shorts and sew it on! I opted to keep the scalloped bottom edge of the doily intact.

Since my doilies were rather fragile once the edges were cut, I zig-zagged the edges with white thread to try and hold it together. It worked fairly well. I then hand-stitched the doily piece to the shorts, as securely as possible.

After a trip through the washing machine they were looking nicely distressed and I am pleased to report that the doily is still attached!



    • charityshopchic

      Thanks Katarina, we were really lucky to have access to this building, formerly used as a priory, because it is not open to the public. It made a great mini-photoshoot location :)

  1. Abi

    Love these :) If you don’t already know, another easy peasy way to fray the edges of your denim is with sandpaper! Then with washing it really gets it nice and frayed. Your blog is fantastic :)

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