Grey matter


One shade that’s been prevalent in my wardrobe this autumn has been grey (see here and here).

Continuing my obsession with this versatile colour, this grey and blue linen skirt came from the British Heart Foundation shop in Scarborough (£4.30).


The flower print is enhanced with gold and blue embroidery and sequins. It’s beautiful.


Unfortunately though, the grosgrain waistband was in really poor condition.


So that was the first thing that had to come off! The size was also much too big.


The waistband had been sewn either side of the skirt and lining and topstitched closed, so there wasn’t much seam allowance.


I pinned out the required amount at the side seam (the seam without the zip) and sewed it shut.


After re-finishing the edges, I trued up the hemline.


Not bad!


I made a new waistband by sewing together two lengths of grosgrain from my stash. It wasn’t quite as wide as the original waistband, but it does the job.


Here’s how it looks when topstitched.


I also had to make a new buttonhole. The original button was much to wide for the new thin waistband so that had to be replaced too (the new small black button was from an old garment). I put the button facing inwards and the buttonhole on the underlap. It’s a little fiddly to do it up that way, but it means it’s hidden when in use.

P1130163 P1130165

Here’s how it looks with my absolute favourite grey wool jumper (read more about where this jumper came from here). The skirt is already a permanent part of my wardrobe and has been worn many times – I forsee many more outings in its future, too!

P1130556P1130555 P1130557 P1130558



  1. Claire

    Ooh, what a lovely skirt, grey and blue is so pretty (I love grey)! Once again I think you did the right thing with the garment, keep it the same, just tidy up and resize, brilliant! I think your judgment is spot on! Great shoes by the way! (I really want a pair of those now)

  2. Claire

    What a gorgeous skirt – beautiful fabric! I wouldn’t have been able to leave it either. It looks fab on you especially with your blue shoes.

  3. Fadanista

    I am blown away by the whole outfit – as everyone has said, those shoes are amazing, and the skirt – gorgeous. I keep trawling the op shops but can’t seem to find the inspiration. I’ll keep working on it…

  4. Carissa

    I love the embroidery detail! I’m so glad you were able to save this piece. And with the grey sweater and blue heels – perfect!

    • charityshopchic

      Thanks Rach, and yes my legs were cold even though it was a warm day (this is a few weeks ago, not today) and I was wearing extremely unfashionable nude tights…

  5. sewcookgardenrepeat

    Grey really is a fabulous colour! My whole living room is grey and my newly renovated bathroom will be as well. (Not to mention all the wardrobe pieces that make their continuous circulation). Love the skirt! :)

  6. Mary Amateur

    It is grey matter and(or) also black matter:suddenly one can find that is dressed from head to toes in grey (or black), it seems that happening to You also, so those blue shoes are splendid with grey (or black) outfit and this grey combination can stand and some accessories. This is real addiction of Yours blog! There is always something new for me!(coloring textile , unusual darts, hidden button etc.)Thank You!

  7. Jean C.

    Lovely… and as some of the others have mentioned… those shoes are perfect with it! Easy to dress up or down too.
    Bet your thinking grey….. hmmmm not so bad! LoL….

  8. Melanie

    What a great blog you have! I love the idea of taking something pre-loved and reworking it to suit your own style (I recently tried this but FAILED so bad as I made the revamped skirt too small – whoops)!

  9. Marg in Canada

    I finally figured out that a “jumper” isn’t a onesie in Britain, it’s a sweater! Was very confused in a previous post!

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