Bamboo vs. Betty Draper


I bought this men’s cotton shirt in the Save the Children shop in Whitby for £3.49 after I fell in love with the print. At the time, I thought it was palm trees, but now that I look closer, it’s more like bamboo – it’s a green and beige print on a navy background. It’s actually not all that big, despite being a Large. Since the cotton is relatively heavy, I earmarked it for a dress, but then forgot about it for several years. With an upcoming trip to (spoiler alert) Portugal, I dug it out recently to be given a makeover as part of my holiday wardrobe.


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Red Jumper Redux


Yes… another red jumper! Hope you are not sick of seeing red jumpers…

This particular one is an old one of my Dad’s that I have been wearing around the house. My Mum gave it to me after it shrank in the wash – it’s 100% lambswool so it’s pretty well felted. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and realised how shapeless it is on me. So, I decided to give it a new shape!



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Tie, Take Two

Confession time… it’s been more than 6 months since my last blog post. Hopefully y’all haven’t missed me too much during my unplanned break! I have one more refashion from my US trip that I want to share before I show you some new stuff, though quite frankly I cannot believe it’s been 9 months since I was there. Looking back through these photos made it seem like yesterday. Anyway, here goes…

After the success of my Epic Yale blazer, I wanted to have a go at applying the tie-as-bias-binding technique to another type of garment. This one isn’t a patch on the blazer (no pun intended), but I’m showing you it anyway as it was quite interesting and the photos we took on location were just fabulous.

This one was intended for our trip out to the beaches of Cape Cod, so I wanted a preppy/sporty vibe. I picked up this cream cardigan in the PDSA shop in Orpington (if memory serves…) for £4.99, thinking it looked a bit like a cricket jumper. It’s actually a rather unfortunate polyester item which has clearly been treasured by an elderly lady in its former life. It’s ugly, but the fit of it isn’t too bad, if you like oversized (I do).

P1160792 P1170035

I got this tie at the same time as I got the one I used for the blazer, at the Save the Children shop in Orpington. An amazing find, as it was exactly the right colour, and ties were half price (I think, £1). Unlike the other one though, this is completely synthetic, which made it a good match for the cardigan.




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Outfit: Red Cashmere Jumper

So this post is mostly going to be about a simple red jumper. I bought this in the Age UK shop in Orpington for £4.99. It was a little worn, but crucially, it’s 50% cashmere, 50% silk, so it feels lovely. I thought it would be a great addition to my red, white and blue holiday wardrobe for my trip.


All I did with this was to gently remove some bobbles and it was good to go.


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Epic Yale

Hi folks! OK, I just got back from a well-deserved holiday, so I hope you are ready for a trillion posts with a gazillion pictures telling you all about it. Sorry, not sorry.

My trip to New England this autumn started with a visit to New Haven, home of Yale University. I was extremely excited to visit this great ivy league institution. But what does one wear around campus, bearing in mind one’s wish to remain stylish while including a nod to one’s academic surroundings?

Of course, I studied all the available cultural references.


New Haven Can Wait

Natürlich blond! / Legally Blonde

Yes, I know Elle Woods went to Harvard, but it’s realising the reason behind a newly engaged Vanderbilt is ‘first year, Yale law’ that made me think to include her here.

Both Blair and Elle have picked up on the wearing a tie thing, but I’m more enamoured with Serena’s incredible blazer. I believe this is the ‘Goodman’ crested blazer from Ralph Lauren, which I found out courtesy of the lovely Devra over at Puu’s Door of Time. Devra made a beautiful blazer based on this a while back, which I’d encourage you to check out here and here.


Anyway, I’m going to follow Ms Van Der Woodsen’s lead with a blazer, but combine it with a tie as a twist on the Blair/Elle look.

Here are the blazer and tie I picked up on a trip to Orpington. The blazer was £7.99 from Oxfam while the tie was around £1 from Save the Children, if I remember correctly (ties were half price). The tie is 100% silk and not covered in food stains, which I counted as a win. The blazer was in reasonable condition although it didn’t fit at all.


P1160770 P1160917


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Exploring The Brave New World of Bare Midriffs


Greetings, Refashioners! I’m back with another monstrosity-turned-masterpiece for your viewing pleasure.

I bought this Cambridge-blue (Tiffany-blue?) polyester/viscose top in the Scope shop in Lewisham, a while back when they were having a sale. It was £2.00 (reduced from £3.95). Score!


Like the magpie I am, I had totally fallen for the silver-coloured beading on the front yoke. Delightful!

P1160459 P1160460

The top is a little big, and the effect of the overall shape was a bit third-trimester, but it had a lot going for it.

P1160461 P1160462

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Fabricado Em Portugal


Just a quick one today folks. I purchased this gloriously colourful skirt on my trip to Lisbon a few months back, at the famous flea market called ‘Feira da Ladra‘ (‘Thieves’ Market’). The market is basically a large car boot sale in one of the squares, with all sorts of junk available. A lot was antiques and old things, but there were quite a few people selling modern second hand goods too. My favourite to look at were the stalls selling antique tiles from the buildings – they were beautiful.


There was one stallholder with piles of old clothes, mostly your standard charity shop fare but some vintage. I had a good rummage for unusual prints and bought two pieces, including this skirt. I confess that I paid 8 Euro for both pieces (4 Euro each), mainly because I don’t speak any Portuguese so wasn’t really up to haggling with the stall holder. I only understood that it was 8 Euro because she was holding up eight fingers. So I do feel like it was a little expensive, but I had good fun rummaging so I was happy. Here is me with my purchases:



Unlike my last international debacle, I was delighted to see that this one was ‘FABRICADO EM PORTUGAL’ (‘Made in Portugal’).

It is marked 100% polyester – basically it’s a nasty acetate lining and some kind of cheap and cheerful polyester mesh with flowers printed on it. I would hesitate to call this fabric, it’s essentially plastic.



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